Five lacrosse players from SIU made the trip down to Houston to help out with the victims from hurricane Harvey. These students collected supplies outside of the college of business the day before they went down. They took a box truck and a personal car full of supplies. When they reached Houston they found Smarty Pants Academy, a school for special needs children, that needed supplies for their school as well as the families that go to the school. After assisting Smartypants, the following day they went to go assist in the Demolition of houses affected by the flooding. They ended the trip with a visit to the Univeristy of Houston’s Lacrosse house where they met with a few of the players from U of H and donated extra gear they brought down. We are extremely proud to have these men on our team! Thank you to, Greg Morris, Jack Myrna, Anthony Turzynski, Kurt Sanders, and David McCauley.

Following the link will bring you to a google drive with pictures from their trip.