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Saluki’s go to Houston

  Five lacrosse players from SIU made the trip down to Houston to help out with the victims from hurricane Harvey. These students collected supplies outside of the college of business the day before they went down. They took a box truck and a personal car full of...

SIU leaves GRLC to join LSA

  The SIU Men's Lacrosse club has moved conferences within the MCLA, for the 2018 season they will be apart of the Lone Star Alliance. The move was prompted by the D1 teams in the GRLC moving to the UMLC leaving no AQ to nationals with the GRLC. All of the D2...

Currently Seeking Head and Asst. Coaches for 2017-2018 season

The Southern Illinois University Men's Club Lacrosse team is currently searching for Head and Assistant coaches. Coaches will be responsible for but not limited to, management of practices, scheduling of games, management of roster, and to be expected at every game,...